Why a Cruise to Cuba is One of the Best Options

If you’re looking to visit Cuba without having to hassle with hotels or worrying about infrastructure issues.  We highly recommend a cruise to Cuba from Miami or Tampa. You can enjoy a 5 – 6 night cruise on either Carnival, Norweigan or Royal Caribbean cruise lines where your meals and non-alcoholic beverages will be included.

Reasons Why a Cruise is the Best Economical Option

  1. Semi All-Inclusive – Your meals , non-alcoholic beverages, onboard entertainment, casino, spa, multiple dining options, recreational facilities and state of the art amenities are all part of your cruise package.
  2. Onboard Wifi – Access to wifi will be at your disposal but may require a per night fee. It’s recommended that travelers purchase add-ons prior to sailing to realize additional discounts. However, we find the best plan is the text only plan which allows you to use some social media features.  You won’t be disappointed as Wifi in Cuba can be shotty at times.
  3. No Currency Exchange or fees required when cruising
  4. Modern accommodations – Most reputable cruise lines do a great job at providing great accommodations within their fleet.
  5. Visa fees included in cruise cost – No need to submit a Visa request through a 3rd party. Your cruise fare will include Visa application and processing. On average a Cuban Visa averages $75/person and subject to change.
  6. See more ports – Not will experience the wonderful amenities of your cruise line, you will get a chance to visit multiple ports.

Best Months to Visit

The best time to visit is from December to May, when you can expect dry, sunny days and plenty of blue skies. The wet season begins in June and, previously, visitors to Cuba would have avoided travel entirely between August and October, when there is also a risk of hurricanes.

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