Travel Insurance: A Necessity or Added Expense?

Many question or feel they don’t need travel insurance because they have no plans on cancelling the vacation.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of fine details that occur behind the scenes. Our travel partners have to secure the various components of any planned or unplanned vacation experience. Deposits are typically non-refundable UNLESS you as the traveler elect Vacation protection insurance may allow cancellations and credits (in some cases refunds which is dependent on the plan you elected).

Travel insurance isn’t just for cancelling your vacation, these plans cover you for Baggage Loss, Delays, Flight interruption, Medical evacuation and more. Again your coverage depends on how much you want to protect in the event something unforseen happens prior to or during travel. We encourage EVERYONE to purchase travel insurance as especially with recent events that led to many cancellations and rebookings due to COVID-19.

I had recently experienced a Baggage delay during my recent travel to Mexico. It took 48 hours for me to receive my luggage which was really delivered at 10:30 on the 2nd day. How did I feel? I was preturbed nonetheless but my angst over the situation quickly disappeared as I realized, ‘Wow, I have travel insurance…’ What did I do? I proceeded to find some cute boutiques outside the resort and purchased some nice vacation outfits. There was no need to scream at the Customer Service representative. All I needed was an ETA of my baggage arrival.

So speaking from experience, I could only imagine how one feels without protection. Of course you have to purchase using your own resources but be sure to obtain and keep your ITEMIZED receipts for the claim as that’s the only way you’ll be reimbursed. Also be sure to know the rules and timeframe for submission of your proof. In my case it was 30 days after the incident where the proof had to be submitted.

You best believe it was completed within 4 days of my return! So please change your mindset about vacation insurance. It’s more than an extra cost, it’s a necessity!

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