25 Things I Learned about Paris

25 things I learned in Paris (I’m sure there’s more)

1. Pack your patience because some are quite rude

2. You don’t need a bunch of Euros, your credit card will suffice (necessary for tipping, small cafes, and vendors)

3. The French are not so great with directions

4. Many upscale stores close at 8

5. Far too many local restaurants stop serving food at 8, but alcohol is always available

6.Paris is not the place to frown upon cheese, bread, wine, or desserts (just eat and drink)

7. Your money needs to be right so you can enjoy a good time

8. Shopping can literally take days

9. The French love a good cigarette ( while eating outdoors, many people smoke)

10. When visiting upscale stores, know what you want because they do not like indecisiveness (Louis, Gucci, Chanel, etc. )

11. It costs to use public restrooms (1Euro)You can not PEE for FREE

12. As much bread as they give you, butter is NOT free

13. Say “Bonjour” when entering an establishment

14. Many restaurants are Americanized (experience at least ONE authentic French cuisine)

15. No such thing as a free refill on soda

(You will see it on the bill, lesson learned)

16. There are affluent neighborhoods as well as underserved

17. The subway can be a nightmare (keep trying)

18. You can’t get the full experience by “Ubering” everywhere

19. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (always seek an English menu)

20. 99% of the vendors carry the same items (don’t be afraid to negotiate)

21. Always google entertainers in Paris to find other avenues of activities (didn’t know Kendrick Lamar was going to be there before I arrived)

22. If you don’t like what you ordered, eat it anyway (sending food back is frowned upon)

23. Pardon is the same as excuse me (they understand ‘Pardon’)

24. Take the bus tour, it is so much history to be learned (Big Bus Tours 38 Euros; Foxity 24 Euros)

25. Tip where service is great (1-3 Euros on a small scale, an upscale restaurant waiter will appreciate 10%) I never had a female waiter during my time here

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit…..There are 1000 restaurants on the each block. (Exaggerating a bit)

The Brazilian and African dishes were delicious as well.

Seems like frites (fries come with everything)

Get your passport and go……..

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